The idea of this site is to bring together all Grand Prix results and the associated drivers' records in one succinct format. The result of each race in each year can be brought up. From there the driver's records to date can be accessed. The World Championship of Drivers for each year appears below the list of races. The home page also has a record of World Champions.

For the Race Results the site owes a lot to the Grand Prix Encyclopaedia which now has a rationalised style after changing several times over several years. I have chosen a style and format that I like best. I have compiled the tables of Drivers Records from my complete set of Autocourse annuals except for the first eleven years which were issued in part form and are very rare. Those years were compiled from my printouts from the Formula 1 official website in its original form. In recent years I have compiled each race result myself as it has occurred and updated my drivers' records after each race. Another source of information has been "The Great Encyclopedia of Formula 1", volume 3 in its third edition. Details of handovers in shared drives have been taken from Wikipedia "1950 British Grand Prix" onwards. Details for the Indianapolis 500 including also the shared drives have been taken from Indianapolis 500 and

As of 1st June 2013 I have reviewed all the results looking for obvious mistakes and inconsistencies. Please contact me, Tony Morgan, for any errors, corrections or comments. My e-mail address is

Race records will be updated after each race. Driver records will be updated periodically.


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Jack Brabham 1967
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My All-time GP Hero

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London Underground LABYRINTH Stations and Lines

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Pages and images captured from a now defunct site. I found these pages as part of a very comprehensive website under constuction with many of this icon

in them. It was possibly "Land Forces of Britain, The Empire and The Commonwealth" by T. F. Mills. It suddenly disappeared from the web. At the time I was researching the derivation of the name of my local in Eastcote Village, Middlesex, "The Case is Altered". At the time there were four in the west Middlesex area, the others being in Harrow Weald, Wealdstone and Willesden. The name is believed to be a colloquial pronounciation of Casa de Saltar, a house of (hoirizontal?) dancing. Also some recruitment at the time was achieved by convicted men being able to take the King's Shilling as an alternative to hanging or deportation to Australia. Their case was altered! A similar corruption of The Infanta the Castille to The Elephant and Castle, Catherine of Aragon had already happened centuries before, possibly an early example of Cockney slang? If they survived seven years they could leave with a bonus and returned, presumably as local heroes, to their roots and influencing the name of their local hostelry. This seems to fit in with the two years which the 57th Regiment of Foot, the West Middlesex, spent reforming on the Spanish/Portuguese border after the their devastation at the battle of Albuhera, the battle honour on their badge and the reason for their nickname, The Diehards. They no doubt found their local bar/pub in that period. Occasional links have been removed from the original pages, the first twenty five regiments split into two pages, up to and post 1881, regimental badges and other traditions added from the Internet. Battle Honours links have been indicated INOPERATIVE.
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